Containers BOP | Container Transport
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Container Transport

Container Transport & Delivery

Delivery and collection is especially important.  We offer a full transport service to deliver all hire and sale containers throughout New Zealand. With this we can handle the simplest of deliveries through to the use of cranes to get them into that tricky place, where you want it!  We will even come and inspect the site if you are unsure.

There are a number of transport delivery options available, the best option will depend on the size of the container and then on your delivery site location and the trucks accessibility to it (ie: removal of low cables or tree branches).

Delivery price will vary depending on distance and length of time the job will take.

Please phone us today for a quote.

See below for Common Delivery Vehicles:
(All of the following vehicles require a clear access of 3m wide by 4.3m high)

20ft Side Loading Truck

This is our cheapest delivery vehicle for 20ft containers; this truck is only 10m long and will lift up to 8 Tonne. Delivery site size needs to be 6m wide. We usually can provide a set price for this delivery based on location. This service is owned and operated by Jon Dustin (Willie’s father) and comes with personal service making sure the container is placed correctly for the longevity of the container and ease of use for our customer.

10ft & 20ft Hi-Ab Crane Truck

The hi-ab crane truck is a great vehicle for tight deliveries and lifting over fences, gardens or such like. This truck can place a container into an area only big enough for the container by itself. Pricing is usually based on an hourly rate based from our depot and return. 

20ft & 40ft Semi Articulated Swinglift

The semi side loader can deliver one 20ft or two 20ft’s (end for end) or one 40ft container. Swinglifts only load/unload off the driver’s side of the truck. This is the cheapest and most common self delivery option for a 40ft container. Due to the size (18m long) of this vehicle it requires wide gates and large turning areas.